Well, hello there. Welcome to the new and improved Life by Bella. Yes, the blog once known as Bookish Bella is gone. Well, it's not really, it's just got a new name. And a new look. To welcome you back to the blog, I thought I would do a little post about why I made the changes and reintroducing myself to any newbies that are just venturing to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Bella. I am a twenty nine year old blogger (not a very successful one to be honest) from Brisbane, Australia. I started blogging as a way to share my love of books with everyone who kept asking me for recommendations or thoughts on the books I was reading. Nine years ago when I started blogging it was no where near as big as it is now. It was a tiny section of the world that not many people knew about. Sharing my love of books makes me happy and I was so glad that I found to many likeminded people on the internet who loved books as much as I do.

The more I blogged, the more I learned about the blogging world and those who inhabit it. I found blogs I loved to read and not all of them had to do with books. I came to love lifestyle blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs and with that love, my desire to blog about more than just books grew but I wasn't sure how to do it or if I could. I love blogging because it gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts, my experiences and my love of books with those who would like to listen. I love writing, whether that be stories or blogs and I've loved photography since I was young. Being creative is a passion of mine and blogging combines them all. So I thought, what the hell. So although this blog used to be primarily a book blog, a place to share my book obsession with other likeminded bibliophiles, it is slowly evolving as I have and here I will share my thoughts on many other things - not just books.


My approach to beauty tends towards 'low maintenance'. I'm all about simple, easy and quick. I like being able to get up and get going as quickly as possible in the mornings so I like my beauty and makeup routine to reflect that. From eyelash extensions, to tattooed eyebrows, I'm all about doing it as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.


As someone who has struggled throughout my life with body image issues, mental illness and physical mobility problems, life has given me a lot of lessons that I have had to struggle through and learn from. The lessons have been tough but they have taught me many things about myself and life.


Several years ago I started slowly moving towards a more minimalistic way of living. I like a simple, organised, uncluttered home and purging my home of unnecessary items was the first step into what I didn't know at the time would be a total lifestyle change. Simple, minimalistic living would soon become my philosophy. A philosophy I will share with you all.


Throughout my life I have switched between being a vegetarian and a carnivore. Currently I eat only chicken but I do not eat any dairy and hardly any processed foods. I like my food simple, easy and most importantly, healthy. From meal prepping, to five ingredient meals, expect a lot of simple, healthy foods to be showcased on the blog.


Ahh, books. Of course I will never stop sharing my love of books, my book reviews or thoughts on book related subjects, so book lovers, never fear. As long as I am reading books, I will be blogging about them. FYI - I'm always reading.

I will share my thoughts and experiences on life, on fashion, beauty and food. I strive to life a simple, minimalist life while looking good and feeling great. I try to live as sustainably, healthy, eco-friendly and ethically as possible so I will share homemade beauty recipes, tips in living a more minimalistic life and what I have learned in my twenty nine years (God sometimes it feels longer) about how to be happy within yourself. Life by Bella is a lifestyle blog with a twist. It's also run by a total geek.



What's your opinion?