Mother's Day is here again and I bet many of you out there are scrambling to think of the perfect Mother's Day gift. I know shops will be packed with all of those people who left gift buying to the last minute and I bet quite a few of you don't have the foggiest idea about what to buy. But who says you have to buy anything? The entire idea of Mother's Day isn't just about buying a present to show you appreciate your mum - whether it be the mother who gave birth to you, raised you, adopted you or took you in. It's showing her that you do appreciate her - and that doesn't have to cost money. Remember when you were a kid and you made your mother a Mothers Day card and an ugly craft bowl at school and she looked at it like it was the best thing she had ever received? Because it doesn't matter what you get her - an expensive gift or a homemade one - its the thought behind it that means everything. So here are some of my ideas on gifts you can give your mum that don't cost a thing.


Everyone loves to be pampered - even mum. So pull out your robes and all your favourite beauty products and have a spa day with mum. Do hair masks, mani-pedi's, facials - the lot! Make your mother feel like a pampered Princess for the day. Relax, laugh, love and have a fantastic time making yourself and your mother feel good on Mother's Day.


Let's be real - how many times have you actually cooked for your mother? I bet that number is either low or at zero. I bet your mother would appreciate a delicious home cooked meal that she didn't have to cook herself. So how about you pick her favourite meal, ask her for her preference or just surprise her - but let her sit back, relax, kick up her feet and you and your siblings (if you have them) can do all the work. And remember to clean up afterwards!


Who doesn't love a movie day? I know I do and I know my mother did too. So pick out a stack of your mums favourite films (motherhood themed movies are always a good choice), raid the pantry for all the yummy snacks (don't forget the popcorn), get in your comfiest clothes (track pants are usually a good option here), dim the lights and park yourself in front of the TV. This is a fun thing to do in pairs or for the whole family to enjoy.


Who says you have to spend money to eat out? If you have food, a blanket, the weather is good and you have somewhere nice to eat, you're good to go. Get in the kitchen and cook up a bunch of yummy, easy to transport foods. Sandwiches, fruit salads, cupcakes, biscuits, anything goes! Grab a blanket, a hat and head down to your local park - or even your backyard! Sit in the sun, eat, laugh, and free from all other distractions you'll just have to enjoy each others company, Doesn't that just sound lovely?


One thing mums definitely love is photos. Its a thing. So go through your own photos, her photos, any family members photos you can get  your hands on and put them all together for her. You can put them in a simple album or using your artistic skills you can put together a scrapbook. It doesn't matter how you put together in the end however. What matters is the memories you want to share with her. They mean everything.

Remember, you shouldn't just take a moment to make your mother feel special only once a year - you should do as often as you can. Show her you love her everyday. Do little things for her to show her how much you appreciate her. Hug her more often. Treat her to a night out whenever you can. Take it from someone who doesn't have mother to spend mothers day with - you will wish you had done all of these things more often when you can't do it anymore. To all of you mothers out there, have a very wonderful Mother's Day.



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