Valentines Day is here again. You cannot miss the giant heart shaped signs, chocolates and card stands everywhere you bloody go. I swear they've been advertising this shit since New Years. Some of you single ladies and gentlemen out there might not be feeling the love this time of the year. Don't worry, I'm with you. As a perpetually single human being I myself am not a huge fan of Valentines Day. I have a confession to make actually - I have never had a Valentine. Like, ever. At all. In my entire twenty eight years of existence. And I don't really care. It actually doesn't bother me. What bothers me is Valentines Day seems to be specifically designed to highlight your single-ness. (Not sure if thats a word but it is now.) As if being single is something bad or something to be ashamed of and that drives me nuts. I love being single and having the freedom to do what I want. Not that relationships are bad but not being in one isn't something to be bothered by.

Just the other day when I was grocery shopping with the kid she was looking at the Valentines Day cards and said, I want a Valentine, while looking wistfully at all the heart covered paraphanalia. She's fourteen! She's already being corrupted by the Hallmark Holiday thinking she needs to have a Valentine's Day because a card stand told her she should. Ugh. But that is not the point of this post. The point is to show you all the great ways to be single on Valentines Day.


Who says you need your boyfriend/girlfriend/signigicant other to by you gifts on Valentines Day? You don't! So go out and buy yourself something nice. Get yourself some flowers, a card or a box of chocolates. Buy yourself some pretty jewellery or sexy lingerie that you've been ogling but never bought. Go to the salon and get your hair done or go to a spa for a day of pampering. Treat yourself because you can and you deserve it!


This is probably what I'm going to be doing, which isn't that much different from any other day for me. The gym is my second home and I love being there. Instead of sitting at home feeling lonely, go pick up some weights and feel the burn. For me the gym is all about self love - making my body stronger and pushing myself to the limits and what better day to do that on a day that is all about love? Love yourself people.


Gather up all your single friends, get some good food, good music and have a fabulous dinner party. This seems to be a popular trend amongst the single people of the world. I keep seeing posts on social media about how to throw the perfect Single Valentines party of 'Galentine' parties etc. Seeing as all but one of my friends is in a relationship our party would be very small but its definitely a great idea for those of you with a large group of single friends. Make it small, make it big, make it themed - it's up to you but have fun and celebrate your single status and own it!


I personally never need an excuse to pick up a book but for those of you who don't read often, this might be a good way to spend your day. You could go for the obvious and read a romance novel or if you're anti-love on Valentines Day you could go the opposite and pick an action packed thriller or a high fantasy epic. Pick somethings you'll enjoy, get in something comfortable, settle somewhere quiet and lose yourself in another world for a little while. Even better - go buy yourself a new book specifically for this occasion. Any excuse to buy a new book is a good one. Not that I've ever needed an excuse . . .


A movie has never been more appropriate titled for an occasion. I haven't actually watched this movie yet but I think that I will have to rectify that this Valentines Day. I'll put this on my Netflix list, get myself some Vegan ice-cream and settle down on the couch in my pyjama's with my cats. Sounds like a damn fine night to me. How about you?


Zac Efron, Chris Hemsworth, Gal Gadot, Charlize Theron, Dwayne Johnson, Gwendoline Christie, Khloe Kardashian - Pick your favourite gorgeous eye candy and watch them to your hearts content. Have a marathon session of gorgeousness just because you can.


Who says that just because you're single on Valentines Day that you have to hide in the house? Get some friends and plan a fun night out. Go to dinner, a club, a show - whatever the hell you want. Go see a movie and get all the fixings at the candy bar. Go nuts! Celebrate with the people you care about and have a good time, make good memories and show the world that Valentines Day is not just for couples but for single ladies and gentlemen too!

Instead of making Valentines Day about couples or buying something  for your significant other, make Valentines Day about all kinds of love. Love for another, love for yourself, love for the world. Just love. How are you spending your Valentines Day?


Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

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