Do you ever feel like some people just never have anything uplifting to say? Its always negative or depressing and being around them is a downer? It's frustrating sometimes to be around people who can never see the positive in anything. Thats not to say that I'm never negative. We all have a down moments and I'm one of them. It happens and it okay to be in a bad mood every once in awhile. We're all entitled to it.

Sometimes though the negativity compounds and you find yourself struggling to find reasons to be positive. I've been there too. I have less and less of those moments these days. I've tried to adopt a more positive mindset about life in general. I changed the way I did a lot of things, who I interact with and hang around and I found myself feel lighter, more positive. I have less of those down moments and find it easier even in my moments of negativity to find my way to feeling happy again. Here are some of the things I do to make my life a little less negative.


The Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated. Its so simple and yet for most people apparently really hard to comprehend. Being kind costs you nothing and it means everything. I'm not just talking about being kind to the people in your life, your workmates, friends. I'm talking about being kind to the people around you. Smiling at the old lady that smiles at you when your walking down the street. Being kind to the person on the other end of the phone line - even if you've been on hold for twenty minutes. Smiling at the cashier thats serving you and asking how their day has been. Complimenting the girl standing in line whose shoes you like.

Even if you're not having the best day, still be kind. Just because you are having a shitty day doesn't excuse rude behaviour. And you know, being nice to people makes them feel good and should make you feel good for having made someones day a little better.


I hate drama. I got enough of it in high school and have no desire to be surrounded by more of it in my adult life. I hear my friends telling me about fights with their other friends or girlfriend/boyfriend drama. Did you hear about what this person said about so-and-so? No, I didn't. Because I don't care. I have friends that love drama. They love nothing more than listening to gossip or scouring Facebook to see what people are up too or who is dating who. I avoid that like the plague.


This is one of the easiest things to do but something most people do not do. A little while ago when I was going through some shit, I just got so sick of everyone and everything. I was sick of everyones drama, worrying about everyone else and what they were doing/weren't doing. I was just over it. So one day I just said, enough is enough and I decided to not let shit get to me.

I know it sounds ludicrously simple and it really is. Seriously simple. I do not let shit get to me. If someone says something about me - I shrug it off. What should I care? Their opinion of me doesn't matter - only mine does. If I was involved in something that was causing me more stress and trouble then it was worth, I walked away. If it does not affect you, do not get involved. If it makes you sad, get rid of it. It is so simple. Just walk away.


We've all had that friend at one point in our lives. That friend that seems to take more than they give. That causes more trouble than happiness. That demands all your time without giving anything back. I've had more than one friend like that and I was not sad to see them go. Yes, they were a part of my life but them not being in my life made it easier.

I had a family member in my life that caused me so much heartache and pain and although I loved them and still do, them being in my life was making me miserable. Them being out of my life has made me so much happier and as sad as that is, it was the best thing for me. It was hard. But you have to decide what is best for you and sometimes thats not the easy option.


Nothing makes me happier than doing something I love. Whether its taking photos, reading, painting, drawing or singing - I love it all and if I'm feeling down or in a bad mood, any and all of those things help me feel good again. I pick up my camera and takes some pictures. I revisit a much loved book or pick up a new one. I turn on my favourite music really loud and sing at the top of my lungs. Sometimes doing something we enjoy can boost your spirits like nothing else can.


Do you have a friend(s) on Facebook that just post nothing but negative shit? The ones that are always complaining about someone or something? That person that is always fighting or posting vague or depressing status updates? Well, it might be time to Unfriend them. Sometimes you've just got to do it.
A few years ago I went through my friends list and unfriended people that I don't actually talk to. Most of them were people I went to high school with, distant family members or friends of friends that I had met one time or another. Then I went one step further and removed the people who were flooding my feed with stuff that I just didn't want see. If seeing their posts bother you and you find yourself scrolling past, just take the plunge and click Unfriend. You can do it!


I feel like this is something that so many people forget to do because they're so focused on what they don't have. We spend so much time comparing our success to those around us that we forget to be grateful for all the good you have in your own life and all that you yourself have accomplished. Learn to appreciate those around you. Take pleasure in the life you have and think about all the good you've done and are yet to do. Often the things that you take for granted are the things that someone else is praying for. Let me know if you're trying to live a more positive life!



What's your opinion?