Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I know I'm a bit late getting onto the welcoming in the New Year bandwagon, but unfortunately the new year was a bit stressful for me and probably will be for a little while to come. (Personal issues - hurray!) But I'm here now that I finally have some free time, so hello 2018! Here is quick recap of the beginning of my year.

My Christmas holidays were okay. I was sick over my holidays - Christmas and New Years included - which sucked but I had ten days off work so not bad. Who doesn't love not having to work? Now on to the good stuff. I got a fantastic haul this Christmas. I received, not one, not two, but THREE Harry Potter Wands. Safe to say I am a very, very happy Pottered.

From my amazing little brother Storme I got The Elder Wand/Dumbledores Wand/The Wand Harry Potter Destroys Cause He's An AssButt. (Supernatural Reference) I'm a little bit obsessed with this wand. I've wanted it forever and my brother got it for me cause he's the bestest brother ever. (If my older brother asks he is also the bestest brother ever) From my best friend Naomi I got Newt Scamanders Wand which is so lovely and comes in the nicest 20's inspired wand box. And last but certainly not least, my sister and her husband got me Professor Snapes Wand. Snapes. Wand. I have mad love for Professor Snape so this made me so ridiculously happy! I also got the Marauders Map which is HUGE and I love it, although I'm not exactly sure how to display it. I'll figure it out eventually.

My New Years was pretty uneventful. I spent my evening watching movies with my little cousin who was up for Sydney. I'm not one to go out and celebrate new years. I don't think I have ever actually gone to any new years celebration. We've had people over at the house to play board games but thats about as wild as we get. Hard core right?
And then came my birthday. On January eleventh I turned the big old twenty eight years old. I'm not sure how I feel about this year. I've never been one of those people that felt their age or felt like I needed to accomplish something by a certain age but I'm two years off thirty and I'm getting a little antsy. I also got another fantastic wand - Sirius Blacks Wand! Eeekk! By this point is should be clear to you that I am obsessed with Harry Potter if my Instagram feed (if you follow me on Instagram that is) did not already alert you to this fact.
Harry Potter is life.

Besides the special occasions, I am back at work, back to being exhausted all the time and trying to figure out how to do this parent/guardian/responsible for a child thing. Let me tell you, it is hard work. Also, teenagers eat a lot. And they need a lot of stuff. I'm terrified I'm going to screw something up all the time and then between work, gym and dreaming of a social life, I'm a giant, tired, neurotic mess. Yay me! But I got this. I'm getting through it and I have plans! Plans I tell you!

Of course because it is the new year I have also written a new goals list. Every year I write a list - not resolutions - of things that I would like to do in the new year so that when I look back at my year I have something to show for it. It can be big, small, expensive, free. It doesn't matter. This year my list is not as big as last year but I'm liking it so far. 2018 Goals:

  • Book a Holiday

  • Finish decorating my bedroom

  • Finish decorating Aaliyah's bedroom

  • Accomplish fitness goals

  • Dye my hair silver

  • Read all the books I haven't read in my bookshelf

  • Go Horse Riding

  • Setup new photography studio

  • Climb a Mountain

  • Pay off Credit Card

  • Get my eyebrows feather tattooed

Obviously, some of these will be easier than others but I'm optimistic. I crossed some pretty big ones of my list last year (buying a brand new car and getting my license - yes in that order) so I think I can manage if not all, most of these. I want this year to be about me. About accomplishing what I want and working towards my own future instead of just living day to day. I spent the last half of last year tired and in pain thanks to my health issues so my biggest focus this year is taking care of me. And I really like the sound of that.

How was year holidays? Have you written your own goals list? If you have, let us know what's on yours - it might give me some ideas!



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