Christmas is without a doubt my favourite holiday. It has been since I was a little kid. I love the decorations, the ridiculous tshirts/sweaters, the music, the food (of course) and most of all, I love giving gifts. I love nothing more than finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones to make them smile or cry. (I'm talking about you Grandma) I am also super organised when it comes to my Christmas planning. I'm one of those people that have my Christmas present list prepared six months before Christmas and have all my shopping done in October. I like to be prepared so that come December when everyone else is running around panicking realising they've only got three weeks to do everything I can sit back and relax and enjoy the show. But if you are having trouble deciding what to get your loved ones this holiday season, here is a little helpful guide for gift ideas that might help you on your shopping journeys.


LushPampering yourself is in and Lush seems to be the place to be if you want great beauty products that make you feel like a Goddess. Although I have never personally used any Lush products, pretty much everyone I know has or does use them. Their most popular items seems to be bath bombs and their creams/lotions.

Dusk is one of my favourite places to by gifts for my friends - they sell beautiful products that smell fantastic and look amazing. What's not to love? They have an large range of candle holders, burners and candles that smell
Each holiday season they bring out themed collections - Halloween, Easter, Christmas etc - so you can even buy them a Christmas themed item that they can whip out every year or something a little more year round friendly.

One of the easiest gifts to get these days are charms. It seems everyone that I know has a charm bracelet from Emma & Roe, Pandora or some other company. I have a bracelet from both. The great thing about this is that you're gifts are sorted for any special occasion. Just pick a charm you know they don't have an you're good. And the best thing is most of these companies come out with a Christmas collection every year. My sister has an Emma & Roe charm and has for the last three years received a snow flake charm from their Christmas collection. She loves them and she looks forward to getting the next one every year. Charms are a great way to commemorate a special occasion or let your loved ones know what you think of them. Last year I got my best friend a charm in the shape of a heart that is made of wings for the wings tattoos she has on her back and I've lost count of how many I have bought for my sister.

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This is my go to gift for my brother and he seems to love it. I've bought him many brands over the years but Calvin Klein seems to be a winner - last year I got him Calvin Klein One and the year before Calvin Klein Euphoria. He's loved both so they are definitely winners. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne seems to be another popular one - its at the top of every best of list and I know so many people who have bought it as a gift for a loved one.

This is my other go to gift for my brother because he is forever trashing his wallets and will literally use them until they are falling apart. Boys. One of my favourite places to get wallets is City Beach. They have a fantastic range of wallets for every price range and they're pretty durable. Billabong and Rusty are my go to brands. Another great place is David Jones who have more designer, luxury brands for the fancy guy in your life.

Watch.Another great gift idea for the men in your life is a watch. Simple, useful and it doesn't have to be expensive. I love the range of watches available at City Beach (basically my go to store for shopping for any man I know) as they have sporty watches, simple watches and dressy ones for just about any price range.

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Of course this would be on my Christmas gift idea list because I have a problem. However this really is an amazing gift to give to just about anyone of any age. Kids love books - granted, ones with larger words and more pictures but still, books. Teens, young adults, adults, elderly - books are an allrounder gift. And even better is that you can get them at so many different stores - not just book stores so you don't have to spend a lot to get something good. I always recommend finding out what is popular for the age group you are buying for or checking out the New York Times Bestsellers List for ideas of what is popular right now. A great place to shop for books is Book Depository as their books are way cheaper than you can get in store and shipping is free.

A Gift Basket
Can't decide on one gift? Get a bunch of little ones! This is what I have done this year for my family members. Make up your own gift basket made up of all the things you know they'll like. They're favourite lip balm, a DVD, a book, a box of chocolates, a face mask, a new video game, socks, a t-shirt, silly hair ties, a shaving kit, a new makeup bag. They don't have to be expensive items just ones that you know they'll love. Put them together in a cute box with a bow or go all out with a basket, tissue paper and ribbons. Gift baskets are a fun, stress free and simple way to give a gift that you know they'll love.

Gift Vouchers 
I know this seems like a lazy gift but sometimes they genuinely are the best gift. I get ridiculously excited when I receive gift cards to book stores or The Body Shop. People know I love books but they never know which books I don't already have so they are the perfect gift for me and they know how much I love The Body Shop. I find these are a great gift for teens too because teenagers are picky creatures and I'm always worried about getting the wrong thing.
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I hope this helps! How are you faring on your holiday shopping? Are you a planner like me or do you leave it to the very last minute to get it all done? Goodluck!


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