I have never really had the best skin. I had pimples as a teenager and blackheads/whiteheads as an adult so my skin has never been something that I have been confident with. I have lost out of the amount of money that I have spent over the years trying to clear my skin up. My mother bought me Proactiv once which did nothing. I even when on a medication and gel routine from my doctor which ended up burning my skin. I've even started having treatments at a dermatologist which helped a little but with a full time work schedule (the clinic is only open weekdays during my work hours) I couldn't keep up with it.

Having clear skin is something that I have never, ever had. I'm twenty seven years old and still don't have the best skin. Thanks to my Maori father and red-head mother I have oily, porous, sensitive skin. An odd combination to say the least. Needless to say there are not many skincare products out there that cater for that skin combination. Its either oily, sensitive or combination skin. I gave up trying those skin care routine kits that cost $200 + because they never worked. I tried all natural remedies - some of which do actually work and make my skin feel amazing - but I can't make my own products fresh everyday. Its too time consuming. Then I found The Body Shop.

The Body Shop has been around since the 70's - the first Australian store opening in the 80's - but I only started going there and buying their products around twelve months ago. I stopped in on a whim after seeing some reviews about their tea tree range online when searching for great, affordable skin care and now I'm there all the time. My bathroom is overflowing with Body Shop items. I've tried a variety of their various ranges but by far my favourite is their Tea Tree Range. It is affordable and really works! Below are the Tea Tree products I am currently loving and the skincare accessories I use them with.
  1. Skin Clearing Mattifying Facial Toner - $20.00 - The first product that I used in this range, the toner is a great way to clean your skin on the go. I personally use it in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed at night. I also use it after removing any makeup.

  2. Facial Brush - $6.00 - This brush is a tough little thing. The bristle are quite firm when you first get them but soften a little after a few uses. It isn't something I use a lot, but on occasion when I want to give my skin a good exfoliation. I don't recommend this for people who are new to exfoliating as it is a little rough.

  3. Skin Clearing Clay Mask - $25.00 - I just got this product two days ago and so far I am loving it. It feels great, my skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated and it is easy to remove.

  4. Tea Tree Oil - $17.00 - A great for spot treatments, I got this just the other day after I had a bad breakout on one side of my face. I applied a little bit to each spot with a cotton tip and it dried them up quickly.

  5. Facial Buffer - $5.00 - This guy is a great little buffer. I use this with the Skin Clearing Facial Wash and it smooths out the skin and it keeps it baby smooth.

  6. Luxury Facial Chamois - $7.00 - This thing is amazing. A great help for removing face masks easily, it is soft and spongey when went and hardens when dried so it doesn't go mouldy. I also use this little guy to remove my makeup instead of using wasteful makeup remover wipes.

  7. Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion - $18.00 - A new product I have just started using, this lotion makes me skin feel and look amazing. It gets rid of the oiliness and shine and makes my skin look refreshed.

  8. Skin Clearing Facial Wash - $20.00 - I think I'm on my third bottle of this so far. This wash is amazing and I use it everyday before bed. It cleans my skin, gets rid of the oiliness, without over-drying. Since using this I've noticing I rarely ever have break outs and the redness I used to get around my cheeks is done.

I recommend these products to anyone with oily skin prone to breakouts. I have had nothing but great results with these personally. That being said I do want to remind everyone that not all skin types are the same and what works for me might not work for you. The best thing about The Body Shop is that they offer free samples of all their products. So if you are unsure I recommend going in to your local store and asking to try any of the products you are interested in. They give small but generous free samples to any who ask.

Have you personally used any of these products and if so what were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!



Image Credits: The Body Shop 

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