I know that when its the weekend all you want to do is be lazy and relax. After a long work week there is nothing better. But unfortunately there is that little thing called the new week coming and with work just waiting for you come Monday morning, you have little time to squeeze in all he non-work related things that you seem to try and squeeze into whatever spare time you have between work and home. Now I'm all about being organised and saving time so planning for my week ahead means that I have less stress and more time for the important stuff. Sundays are the best day for me to plan and get a jump start on your week. To have a more productive week you gotta do a little planning.


  1. Do all your washing. I mean all of it. Wash it, dry it, fold it, put it away.
    I know I'm guilty of leaving my washing in the basket and living out of it.

  2. Empty your email inbox (Delete, Archive, Organise - whichever works for you) to start the week fresh.
    An email inbox can be a never ending pit of emails if you let it get away from you. I'm usually pretty good at organising my emails into their correct categorised boxes but sometimes they get away from me and there is nothing worse than looking for a specific email in a jumble of unorganised emails. So clean it out, organise it and have it ready to go for a new week.

  3. Change your sheets and make your bed. 
    I cannot function without my bed being made. The moment I get up in the morning the first thing I do is make my bed. I think it was my mother always telling me that your room always looks neater with a freshly made bed. Second best thing to a freshly made bed? New, clean sheets. Makes me want to jump in and get cozy.

  4. Update your calendar for the week ahead for any important appointments or reminders.
    Knowing exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it ahead of time

  5. Make a to-do list for the week of all those things you need to get done.
    No task is to big or small for a to do list. It could be remembering to pick up batteries or reminding yourself to setup health insurance. To do lists are the best way to ensure you don't forget anything in the hustle and bustle of your work week.

  6. Meal plan and go grocery shopping. 
    This is the best way to ensure you don't have to do any midweek Woolworths runs and meal planning is a great way to save money so you're not buying food you might eat.

  7. Meal prep.
    This for me is the best time saver I've ever come across. Getting all my cooking out of the way at the beginning of the week is a time saver. I can go to work, hit the gym straight after and then not have to worry about cooking when I get home. I just grab a prepped meal out of the fridge or freezer and heat it up.

  8. Wash your car.
    I don't know how but my car is like an extension of my handbag - it accumulated a lot of random crap. Like receipts. And shoes. I love nothing more than having a freshly cleaned car to drive to work to on a Monday morning. Because Mondays suck enough without driving a messy car.

  9. Preplan your blog posts and images for the week.Maintaining a social media presence can be hard work. Its like having another job. Finding time to plan, write and post blog posts or share your social media images can be time consuming. So preplanning is a must, especially for those of us who work a full time job on top of trying to build an online presence.

  10. Clean out your handbag. 
    Most women know that handbags are a breeding ground for stuff you don't need. Or you did need but no longer do and you just forgot to take it out. So it sits there and more stuff join it and soon you're rifling through two dozen things you don't need to try and find the one thing you do need. Once a week I like to dump to all out, organise it and start fresh.

  11. Organise your desk/workspace. 
    When I sit down to work at my computer I want everything to be where it should be. I like having my note book, my pencil case, my iPad and my todo list ready to go incase I need it. Tidying my work space is a must so when I sit down in the evenings to get some work done I know where everything is and I don't haver to go searching for it.

  12. Pamper yourself.
    Shave your legs, get your eyebrows waxed. Have a facial, get your hair done or get a mani-pedi or do all the above. Do those things you love to do to make yourself feel good. Cause you feel good, you feel confident and when you feel confident, you get shit done.

  13. Unplug. 
    I think that everyone can agree one of the biggest time-suckers can be social media. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest - they're draw you in and you look up only to realise that the five minutes you planned to spend checking your feed has turned into two hours. So when planning for your week ahead, unplug.

  14. Relax. 
    The biggest thing you can do to prepare yourself for the week ahead is relax. Shut off you brain, grab a tea/coffee/hot chocolate and veg out in front of the tv for a few hours. Take a nap. Listen to music. Go to a yoga class. Whatever makes you feel centred and relaxed - do it. Its all good and well to prepare for your week but if you aren't mentally prepared, its not going to go well. So after all is said and done, take some you time. You've earned it.
What do you do to plan for your productive work week?


Image Source: Unsplash Still Classics

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